12 Hiking Essentials for the Sierra Nevada Mountains


Offering a wide expanse of gorgeous views, the Sierra Nevada Mountains cover a large portion of central California. The range travels approximately 400 miles, providing an appealing collection of hiking trails that make it easy for people to explore this mountain range and its beauty. Before heading out, it’s important to prepare properly for a safe trip by gathering the equipment that is so essential for a day trip in the mountains.

Hiking Boots

One of the most important aspects is to make sure that your hiking boots fit properly. If they feel tight, they are probably too small for your feet and wearing them will lead to discomfort, blisters, and raw areas where the skin becomes rubbed off. However, you also want to avoid getting them too large. The back of your foot should fit snugly so that it doesn’t slip when you walk. In order to find the best fitting boots, wear the socks that you expect to wear when hiking. Make sure that you try on both of the boots and lace them up properly to ensure that they are comfortable. It’s best to buy your boots several weeks before you expect to go hiking so that you can break them in by wearing them a couple of hours each day.

Hiking Stick

A hiking stick can provide stability in rough terrain, helping you to avoid a fall.

First Aid Kit

Since it is possible to experience a bug bite, scrapes, blisters, or cuts while hiking, make sure that you bring along a first aid kit. Take a look inside of the kit before packing it so that you know it has everything you need.

Map and Compass

Even if you have GPS capability, a map of the area and a compass are important tools that you should consider bringing. Neither one needs power; so even if you accidentally drop the compass, it will probably still work.


Just in case you are out later than you expected, you should pack a flashlight with the rest of your gear.

waterfallSun Protection

Despite the beautiful trees along the trail that you have chosen, sunglasses and sunscreen are important. Make sure that you follow the directions on the sunscreen packaging for reapplication to avoid unnecessary sunburn. The sunglasses will help to protect your eyes against the harsh sun, while making it easier to see in sunny spots.


Bug Spray

Insect repellant is a critical item. Without it, you might experience multiple bug bites, some of which might cause discomfort as they begin to swell and itch.

Duct Tape

Even if you are only planning a day trip, duct tape is handy to have. You can use it to mend torn clothing, which will help protect you from an injury caused by brushing up against prickly bushes.


The clothing that you select is going to depend on the time of year that you plan to take your hiking trip. Make sure that you are dressed suitably for the expected temperatures. Hats can keep you warm in the colder months and protect you against the heat during the hotter months. Layering your clothing gives you the opportunity to remove clothing if you become too warm, while also allowing you to put more clothing on if you become too cold.

Food and Water

It’s important to bring enough food and water to last for the trip’s duration. Keep in mind that you are going to carry these items, and they might feel heavy after the first mile. Pack food that is lightweight, while avoiding heavy foods such as fresh veggies and fruits. A trail mix made from nuts and dried fruit is a good, lightweight choice, because the water content in the fruit has been removed. Jerky is another good option. You should keep in mind that bears might be in the area, so you store your food in a bear canister to avoid attracting them unnecessarily.


Gorgeous views await you, so bring a camera with a back-up supply of batteries.

Multipurpose Tool

You never know when you might need a penknife or some other type of tool, so pack a multipurpose tool that has several options on it.


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