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The Rubicon Trail is a world class off-roading experience, especially for those who are addicted to off-roading and off-road adventures.  Here you will find twenty-two miles of excitement and thrills.  Once a Native American trail in the high country it is now an icon for the off-road adventurer. On the difficulty scale it ranks a 10, and definitely an axle bender.  The Rubicon Trail is 5,400 feet to 7,000 feet in elevation.  The Trail begins in Georgetown, Ca which is 80 miles east of Sacramento, CA and ends close to Tahoma in Lake Tahoe. Click here for more information on the Rubicon.

There are two off-roading events which takes place annually on the Rubicon Trail.  You too will have bragging rights if you complete the Jeepers Jamboree trip.  People come from all over the world to participate in the Jeepers Jamboree.  Click Here to sign up.  The Jamboree will have exclusive use of the Rubicon Trail and the Rubicon Springs Campground for the duration of the trips.

rubicon choppersAll vehicles for the Jeepers Jamboree must be street legal or green stickered and have valid insurance.  All vehicles must have roll bars, skid plates, tow hooks, and seat belts.  The Jamboree recommends special off-road tires.   All vehicles need to be in good mechanical condition.  Off-road parts are available if needed.  For more vehicle recommendations or for vehicle approval, please contact the office at 530-333-4771 or email

The Jeepers Jamboree and the Jeep Jamboree are two organized but different off-road four wheeled drive experiences.  If you are looking for a family-oriented trip, for ages 10 and older, you want the Jeep Jamboree trip.  The Jeep Jamboree also has “Camp Rubicon” for the kids.  The Jeep Jamboree trip has a mellow atmosphere, lower attendance, and fewer vehicles.  Whereas, the Jeepers Jamboree trip has a more adult atmosphere and is not geared for children.  The Jeepers Jamboree nights run late and have louder music.  The Jeepers Jamboree trip has twice the attendance and more vehicles.

There is also a Jeepers Jamboree Outdoor Expo.  The Expo is on Main Street in Georgetown, CA.  There are several booths open to the general public, free of charge, and off-road accessories.  You will find truck accessories, parts, lift kits, tires, camping gear, food vendors and more.

For more information regarding the Rubicon Trail, click here.


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